Pipeline works with a smart pig


Even though you may not see pipelines, they are constantly working on your behalf. Similarly, pipeline operators are there behind the scenes constantly working to keep those pipelines operating safely. Proactive inspections, preventive maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, rapid shutdown and emergency response ready to go all keep pipelines and surrounding areas safe.
Pipeline operator working on pipeline

Keeping Pipelines Safe

Pipeline operators proactively inspect their pipelines on regular schedules looking for any potential issues and ensuring the pipe remains safe.
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Pipeline operator working on pipeline

Safety Record

While 99.999% of liquid energy delivered by pipeline arrives safely, accidents can happen. Pipeline operators study their safety record to learn where to improve.
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Pipeline operator with smart pig

Safety Technology

Pipeline operators use high-tech devices, similar to an MRI or ultrasound at the doctor’s office, to scan their pipelines for potential issues.
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Working to Keep Pipelines Safe

Hear directly from a pipeline company employee as she describes how she knows her family is safe because she knows what her company does to keep pipelines operating safely:



Pipeline operators love getting out in the field, using their hi-tech tools, performing their engineering analysis and practicing their response plans. All of this work to keep pipelines safe provides great videos, fact sheets and toolkits. Access them here: