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A pipelines can create over 40,000 construction jobs
Pipelines Create Jobs
Pipelines Fuel My Family
10.3 Million Jobs

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#Pipelines play a crucial role in the nation’s economy, connecting American workers to millions of energy jobs. 
From construction and manufacturing to professional and service jobs, our #pipeline industry supports millions of workers across the country. 
New pipelines delivering energy spur the creation of jobs for millions of Americans in the energy economy. 
Good-paying construction, manufacturing, transportation and refining jobs are all dependent on #pipelines.  
Oil #pipelines not only provide the resources that power our daily lives, they also support millions of American jobs. 
Our #pipeline industry supports more than 10.3 million American jobs that keep our economy strong and provide for families across the nation. 
1 major #pipeline project = nearly 7,000 construction jobs. Pipeline jobs help Americans support their families. 
FACT: Building a single #pipeline can create 40,000 jobs across multiple sectors and pay over $2 BILLION in payroll to American workers. 
#Pipeline projects support jobs in many industries. Among other industries like farm, transportation, warehousing, forestry & fisheries, real estate, mining, utilities, and more, a pipeline project can create nearly 13,000 jobs and over $500 million in payroll. 
DYK? One major #pipeline construction project can support over 5,000 jobs in the professional services sector and $300+ million in earnings for those workers. #PipelineJobs 

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