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Gas Prices
Pipelines Fuel Farms
Go Where You Want, When You Want, Thanks to Pipelines
Affordable Gas Prices Supplied By Pipelines
Construction Before and After
Low Cost Energy
Pipelines Support Communities

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Stable resources mean stability for your family. #PipelinesAreLifelines


You have a job to do and to get there you need affordable fuel supplied by #pipelines.
Property taxes paid by #pipelines fund things like schools, fire departments, and governments in local communities. #PipelinesAreLifelines
Feeding your family is more affordable because of fuel supplied by pipelines. #PipelinesAreLifelines
Plentiful healthy food in your local grocery stores is made possible by the fuel #pipelines supply to farmers.
American farmers and American families depend on fuel supplied by #pipelines. #PipelinesAreLifelines
No matter where you need to go, or when, you can depend on affordable and convenient access to the fuel you need to get there. #PipelinesAreLifelines

How do #pipelines affect your life? From convenient and affordable access to gasoline, to access to healthy food in grocery stores, #PipelinesAreLifelines that fuel your community.

How do #pipelines contribute to their communities? Property taxes paid by pipelines fund everything from schools to fire departments.
DYK? In 2019 Texas independent school districts directly received $1.54 billion in property taxes from mineral properties producing oil and natural gas, #pipelines, and gas utilities.


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